Tokuren Z: A Kendo Bogu made for winners

The Jutsuka Tokubetsu Kunren (術科特別訓練; Special Technique Training Department) or for short, the “Tokuren”, is a special Japanese police squad whose purpose is to promote and reinforce technical training within subjects such as Judo, Kendo, Taihojutsu, marksmanship, etc. to raise the overall level of physical and mental health among police officers.

It’s well known in the Kendo community that some of the strongest Kendo players originates from the Kendo Tokuren police squad, and their long and harsh daily training routines makes them fearsome powerhouses that can be considered to be the true Kendo professionals, many of who are or have been ranked in the top in the All Japan Kendo Championships and also the World Kendo Championships.

Based on these Tokuren officers’ idea, in 2009, Tozando developed the Tokuren series Bogu which are light and easy to move in, featuring shorter Mendare, and a simplistic but practical design in Fukuronui-style. This was the first of the Tokuren series Bogu, and since then we have launched numerous variations and upgrades due to the requests from the Tokuren officers and our customers. The latest in this series is the Tokuren Z, which were launched in early 2017, we decided to call it Z, to signify that it’s the last and therefore most complete Tokuren series Bogu so far!

When developing the Tokuren Z Bogu, our craftsmen and staff asked themselves “How do you make a Bogu that can refine your technique and make you victorious”? By asking the same question to numerous competition oriented players, Yudansha, and also Tokuren officers, combined with the experience and opinions of our craftsmen and highly ranked Kendo staff members, we used a lot of time to discuss and develop the Bogu, which eventually became the Tokuren Z.

The keyword for a Bogu that is able to refine your technique while allowing you to stand victorious is “Mobility”. While the Tokuren Z inherited the spirit of our past Tokuren series Bogu sets, such as the shorter Mendare and the simplistic Fukuronui-style design, we put a lot of effort into making this Bogu even lighter, while still keeping it’s protective capabilities as high as possible, which in turn allows for a high level of mobility in your Kendo.

The new Tokuren Z comes in two variations: the TOKUREN ZX GOLD and the TOKUREN Z SILVER, featuring 6mm Tight Cross-stitch respectively 4mm Tight-stitch stitching. Cross-stitching makes the Futon more elastic and allows it to easily take and keep your desired shape, in addition to being very good at absorbing impact, making it more comfortable to wear overall. The Tight-stitch is a new type of stitching

that has a shorter stitching interval, effectively improving the durability and making it more protective. To make the Bogu even easier to wear and move in, our craftsmen have used all their knowledge and skills to make this the lightest Bogu so far, without sacrificing durability and protection. We achieved this by using a new type of padding that not only forms very well to your body but makes the futon very elastic, providing a great sense of fit. We have also made sure that the strike zones are appropriately padded, to protect you against injury and unnecessary pain.

We also put a lot of thought in to the Kote this time around, using newly developed techniques to improve them. The Kote has been specially designed to provide a three dimensional fit which enhances the dexterity of your hands, while also providing a natural gripping angle from the start, making your Shinai handling even sharper. We have also uses micro-punched artificial leather for the palms, to increase airflow and make it feel as if you were gripping the Shinai with your bare hands.

The Tare has been made extra light, yet flexible and protective, making easier to perform footwork techniques without the Tare being in the way. The Hara-obi has also been made slimmer than usual to make it more comfortable and easier to move in.

We have also included in this Bogu the revolutionary ‘IBB Safety Guard’ attachment as standard that protects your throat against Tsuki, making it a Bogu that is thoroughly and truly made for high level competition. Our new patented ‘IBB Safety Guard’ is an attachable protector that protects your throat regardless of your head movements. This will protect your throat from shock to the thyroid cartilage and injury to the carotid artery when receiving Tsuki. It also protects your throat against Shinai splinters should you receive a poorly executed hit or thrust. As you don’t have to be afraid of the sword tip, you can charge in and aim for Men with high precision. Get it now, only from Tozando.

The Tokuren series has been one of the bestselling Bogu series from Tozando since their introduction. The new Tokuren Z is the pinnacle of all the experience and skill our craftsmen have accumulated throughout the years, and we hope that this Bogu will allow you to perform in your ideal state, bringing your many victories to come.