2016/07/25 – New Fabrics available for Tailor-made Hakama!

Here at Tozando we employ many skilled craftsmen, among them are our Hakama Craftsmen, who have years of experience, not only in making Hakama for Budo, but also traditional Japanese Hakama for different purposes. Thanks to this, we are the only company that can offer completely Tailor-made Hakama to our customers, as most of our higher quality Hakama are made right here in the headquarters of Tozando in Kyoto, or occasionally also in the Tozando Iwate Factory, ensuring that you only get the very best of traditional Japanese craftsmanship when you get a Hakama from Tozando.

Since we recently have added some new Hakama to our inventory, we figured it was high time that we also add some new fabrics to the Tailor-made Hakama. So in addition to the standard fabrics, such as Deluxe Tetron, Cashmere Feel Polyester and Shoaizome (Genuine Indigo-dyed Cotton), we now also able to offer some of the more unique fabrics that are used in our selection of Hakama! For example, we now offer Cubic Sensor Stretch fabric, which is great for summer thanks to it being very light and has some stretch to it which makes it really comfortable to wear, not to mention easy to take care of. We also added the CEO Alpha fabric, which is a cotton blend fabric with the appearance of cotton, but with the lightness and quick drying features of polyester fabrics, and also the elegant Tsumugi Fabrics for Iaido which looks and feels like more traditional fabrics used for Hakama and Gi.

Each fabric has it’s own unique features and look, so please feel free to check out the new fabrics on our Tailor-made Hakama!