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An image of Tozando Kendo craftsman assembling Men mask

3 points to look out for when choosing your Kendo Men

First of all, the point most people would prioritize would be to choose a Men that doesn’t hurt too much when you are hit. However, this is hard to know, so let me explain from the beginning. The Men Futon is usually stuffed with varying layers of cotton and felt, Read More

2016/07/25 – New Fabrics available for Tailor-made Hakama!

Here at Tozando we employ many skilled craftsmen, among them are our Hakama Craftsmen, who have years of experience, not only in making Hakama for Budo, but also traditional Japanese Hakama for different purposes. Thanks to this, we are the only company that can offer completely Tailor-made Hakama to our customers, Read More

Do you have any 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu?

Although we do not offer any 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu at the moment, it’s possible to order this as a Custom-made Bogu. However, as a Bogu maker, we can not recommend the usage of 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu as the tight stitching makes the Bogu really stiff and leaves no room for protective Read More