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Iaito sword inspection by Tozando Iaito craftsman

The Correct Way to Maintain Your Iaito Sword

The Iaito Sword is a sword invented for practicing iaido and uses an alloy sword blade instead of the blade of a real sword. The other parts of the sword are often that of a real sword, such as the sheath, hilt, and other metal fittings. But since the blade Read More

Repairing Kendo Shinai's Splits

What do you do with splits in your shinai? Fixing your shinai is actually quite easy!

When the cold and dry weather drags, on, the shinai become more vulnerable to splits. When you keep training with a shinai that has splits it can be incredibly dangerous. You can get splinters in your fingers or in your eye, and there has even been a reported case of Read More

Most frequently asked questions about Kendo Kote Part 1

Can you repair a Kote by yourself? Generally speaking in terms of Bogu, it’s said that by the time your Do has reached the end of its life-time, you will have gone through two Men, and three pairs of Kote. That shows how fast a pair of Kote can be Read More

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 2: How to maintain your sword

To summarize, when maintaining a sword, the main purpose to prevent the blade from oxidizing and rusting. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly remove any stale oil from the blade and replace it entirely with new oil, making sure that the whole blade is covered and not leaving any spots Read More

image of drawing the sword

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 1: How to draw the sword and sheath your sword

It goes without saying, that Japanese swords are precious cultural treasures, but if it is handled roughly it might be damaged or might cause injury to yourself or someone else. If that happens, the value of such a precious treasure might be lost and as Japanese, we won’t be able Read More

An image of Tozando Kendo craftsman assembling Men mask

3 points to look out for when choosing your Kendo Men

First of all, the point most people would prioritize would be to choose a Men that doesn’t hurt too much when you are hit. However, this is hard to know, so let me explain from the beginning. The Men Futon is usually stuffed with varying layers of cotton and felt, Read More

2015/10/05 – Scheduled Maintenance on the 7th ~16.00 JST

It’s finally time to unveil or new website, or at least it will be soon! We would like to communicate to all our customers that we will be having a scheduled maintenance during the 7th of October on from 16.00 JST! Because of this, the website will be down, hopefully only Read More

How do I take care of my Bokken?

Wipe the surface of your Bokken with a dry and soft cloth after each use. Once in a few month, you may apply a very small amount of natural oil such as camellia oil, walnut oil, or even vegetable oil, and wipe it off completely afterwards.