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MICHI - No. 1 Selling Kendo Kote in Japan

MICHI – The No. 1 Selling Kendo Kote in Japan

The “MICHI” model is a light weight, easy to use Kote with great durability and impact absorption, at a very competitive price! By using a new type of padding, we have been able to produce a extremely lightweight, yet thicker and more protective type of Futon for this Kote. Thanks Read More

Kendo Kote – The Most Highly Consumable Part of Your Bogu that Dictates Victory or Defeat

The Kendo bogu  breaks down into Men, Do, Tare and Kote. Among these components, the Kote are particularly known for wearing out the fastest. As a matter of fact, by the time you wear one breastplate out, you’ll probably have already eaten your way through three sets of gloves. The Read More

Most frequently asked questions about Kendo Kote Part 1

Can you repair a Kote by yourself? Generally speaking in terms of Bogu, it’s said that by the time your Do has reached the end of its life-time, you will have gone through two Men, and three pairs of Kote. That shows how fast a pair of Kote can be Read More

Intensive Kendo Practice as a Breeze: New Tozando Tozando Fit-stitch Tet-Knit Bioclean Kote

Intensive Kendo Practice as a Breeze: New Tozando Tozando Fit-stitch Tet-Knit Bioclean Kote

You can guess with a name like that, this new Kote is packed with latest technology and Tozando savoir-faire. Addressing the comfort and maintenance problems faced by all serious practitioners, Tozando experts devised this combination of modern fabrics, revolutionary treatment and long-tested craftsmanship toward one goal: an ever-clean pair of ready-to-fight Read More

2016/11/28 – NEW ‘MICHI’ model Kendo Kote

Tozando has always been know for it’s high quality products, but as most of you probably know, quality often comes with a price there after. So is it impossible to make something that is both functional, durable and price efficient? We are proud to be able to present you with Read More

2016/10/25 – Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Round 2 Results!

It’s the 25th and it’s time to reveal the next 20 winners of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway, so without further delay here are the 20 winners of Round 2!: Yeung Chun-Yu Johnny, Hong Kong Warren Ho, South Africa Liao Yiqing, China Milos Jovanovic, Serbia Iida Ryouhei, Japan Kukiyama Toshinobu, Read More

2016/10/11 – Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway round 2 ends!

The second round of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Campaign has ended! We will now draw and contact the winners before the official announcement on the 25th of October, so please look forwards to it! The third round has already started and we have already started receiving new applications, please Read More

2016/10/07 – BioClean Dry-mesh Kote with free Musashi Charm!

In October over 400 hundred years ago, Miyamoto Musashi was said to have participated in the Sekigahara Battle on the side of the Toyotomi family, after this big battle Musashi started his travels around Japan and dueled many famous swordsmen the following years. One of the most famous bouts he Read More

2016/09/28 – Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway 1st Round Results!

The results are out and we have announced our first 20 winners for the 1st round of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway campaign! We apologize for the delay in the announcement, but there was some technical issues that needed to be confirmed before we could make our announcement, we will Read More

2016/08/22 – Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Campaign!

We are proud to announce that our patent application for the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote has finally been accepted and verified! The Tornado-stitch method is now officially patented by Tozando Co.,Ltd., so be sure that you get the real thing from us, made in Japan, and not some cheap knock-off product! Read More