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Patented protection, found nowhere else: Shudo Tornado-sttich Kendo Bogu

Patented protection, found nowhere else: Tornado-stitch Kendo Bogu

Innovative protection, through patented design What began with our Tornado-stitch Kote has now been developed into a full set of Kendo Bogu – the Shudo provides unmatched protection across all strike zones. Furthermore, thanks to our bogu expertise the set remains highly comfortable, breathable and easy to move in. What Read More

2016/12/01 – Welcome to Tozando 3.0!

The scheduled maintenance is over and as some of the early customers might have noticed, the design of www.tozandoshop.com has changed! We are proud and very happy to finally be able to announce and welcome you to Tozando 3.0! We listened to many of your comments and advises regarding the Read More

2016/02/25 – NEW Tsuba models for the Custom-made Iaito!

We have just added a few new Tsuba models to the Tozando Custom-made Iaito! Among the new Tsuba models, there is 4 models that are particularly interesting, this is since they are “Hamidashi Tsuba“, this is a type of Tsuba that are sometimes traditionally used for Wakizashi or Tanto, which Read More

2015/10/27 – New Iaido Set products!

We just added some very attractive new products for High Quality Iaido Gi & Hakama sets! With three variations all including our Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama, these sets are great for more advanced Iaido practitioners as they look very traditional and dignified and they come at very good set discounts! Read More

2015/10/05 – Scheduled Maintenance on the 7th ~16.00 JST

It’s finally time to unveil or new website, or at least it will be soon! We would like to communicate to all our customers that we will be having a scheduled maintenance during the 7th of October on from 16.00 JST! Because of this, the website will be down, hopefully only Read More

2015/09/17 – Tozandoshop is under construction!

Tozandoshop.com in it’s current form and design has been around for about 3 years now, and in that time, a lot has happened. Technology-wise, the use of smartphones and tablets have increased when viewing the internet and shopping, not to mention to send inquiries to us and the security needs when Read More

2014/08/22 – Introducing New Tozando Shinai series!

Tozando has always offered a certain variety of Shinai, and we have changed the Shinai we have offered numerous times through out our history, although many of the times, the Shinai were not directly made by Tozando, but rather by other Japanese providers. Today we are very proud to say that Read More