2016/02/25 – NEW Tsuba models for the Custom-made Iaito!

We have just added a few new Tsuba models to the Tozando Custom-made Iaito! Among the new Tsuba models, there is 4 models that are particularly interesting, this is since they are “Hamidashi Tsuba“, this is a type of Tsuba that are sometimes traditionally used for Wakizashi or Tanto, which only barely protrudes outside of the Tsuka, and Saya when mounted. But in recent years it has become popular to also use them for Tachi, which provides the sword with a very sleek look, which many finds aesthetically pleasing, in short the silhouette is close to that of a Shirasaya mounted sword. One famous Samurai warrior who used a Sword that was mounted with a Hamidashi Tsuba is Uesugi Kenshi, with his Himetsuru Koshirae which is said to have “no Tsuba”. 

If you think that these small Tsuba would affect the overall balance of the sword, you couldn’t be further from the truth, since the weight of these Tsuba are actually equal or more than many of the lighter Tsuba among those that we offer.

So check it out, perhaps you will find something you would like!