2016/02/05 – New Tozando Custom-made Do Available!

We have seen a increase in requests for custom-made Do’s recently so we have just added a new custom-made Do product to our homepage.
It doesn’t matter if you just want a new Do to refresh the look of your Bogu set or if you have always had problems with the Size of the Do due to your build,
This product solves all of those problems! Of course all Do are made and assembled by Tozando in Japan, so you can be sure of it’s quality!
As people who have been following us on Facebook knows, we even made a Custom-made 84pc Bamboo Do for a customer in need a while a go, so we can accommodate to  almost anything if needed. Of course we also have a prime example with the Hokusai inspired Custom-made Bogu set that we made for our friend and old colleague, Donatella Castelli, so if you are curious, do check out our Facebook page for more pictures of examples of our craftsmen’s excellent work!

Check out the new Tozando Custom-made Do here!