2016/02/08 – New Tozando Haori for IAIDO!

We have just added three new Haori, made with the 3 main fabrics we use for Iaido Gi and Hakama to our webpage. A Haori is a kind of open kimono-jacket that was traditionally worn over the Yoroi Armor on Samurai to protect them from the cold, but it also was used by samurai and regular merchants later in history due to them being very warm and convenient to wear over your regular kimono. We have made three different versions of the Haori using the Super Polyester, Uchimizu-DRY and Cubic Sensor Stretch fabrics, each with their own strong points and unique features, whether you are wearing the Haori as a fashion or to keep yourself warm during winter practice, this is one convenient piece of Iaido clothing to have on hand.
It can also be embroidered with Kamon for even more authenticity.

Of course, all Haori are made by our tailors here in Kyoto, so they are made in Japan products, with the quality that we at Tozando are known for. 

So check it out on our webpage here!