2016/01/08 – Tozando x Mitsuboshi

Mitsuboshi is a longstanding brand in the domestic Japanese market, founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest large Budo equipment makers around! Although maybe not very well known internationally due to their limited exposure overseas, they are known for high quality brand products such as the “MINE” brand Kendo Bogu among others. In fact, many of Mitsuboshi’s products are made in the Tozando Iwate Factory since the beginning of 2015, which says a lot about their quality!
Mitsuboshi is part of the Tozando Group since early 2015 and can now be considered to be one of Tozando’s sub-brands.

Mitsuboshi will continue to be a separate brand from Tozando, but as they are now part of the Tozando Group, we will be able to start selling their large inventory of products directly to our overseas customers! To begin with we have added a couple of Mitsuboshi Hakama to our inventory and hope to expand upon their product line during the coming year!

Since Mitsuboshi is now owned by Tozando it also means that for all Dojo and Retailers part of our partnership program, you will now be able to purchase Mitsuboshi products also using your Partnership discounts! So for those who have been fans of Mitsuboshi products for a long time, you will now be able to pick up their products much more easy from Tozando! And if you have never used Mitsuboshi products before, well this is a good chance to try them out!

Please feel free to have a look at the new Mitsuboshi products on our homepage!