2016/10/28 – Tozando Complete Beginners Kendo Set Available now!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to choose when you just have begun doing Kendo, what Bogu should I choose, what else do I need and so on. 

So we have compiled a complete set containing a 5mm Fit-stitched Orizashi Bogu, Color-fixed Kendo Gi, Tetron Hakama, Water Bottle, Bogu Bag, one Shinai and one Bokken (including Tsuba and Tsubadome) and a Shinai bag for up to 3 Shinai, all in a convenient and affordable set, which only costs 69,800JPY with free international shipping!

If you get this set, it should get you started and it will probably be quite some time before you need anything else, so if you don’t know what to choose, choose the Tozando Complete Beginners Kendo Set!