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2016/10/28 – Tozando Complete Beginners Kendo Set Available now!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to choose when you just have begun doing Kendo, what Bogu should I choose, what else do I need and so on.  So we have compiled a complete set containing a 5mm Fit-stitched Orizashi Bogu, Color-fixed Kendo Gi, Tetron Hakama, Water Bottle, Bogu Bag, Read More

2016/06/02 – New Premium line of Aikido Gi & Pants!

Tozando has always had a very strong line up of Aikido Uniforms and Hakama, although the last few years we have seen an increased demand and slower shipping times due to unfortunate accidents such as the “Fire accident” we had in our textile factory last year and other factors. We Read More

2016/04/11 – New Iaido Gi & Hakama Sets TSUMUGI series

We are happy to announce two new Iaido Gi and Hakama sets, the Tsumugi (AKATSUKI) and the Nami Tsumugi (AKEBONO), these two new sets are made using Tsumugi style polyester textile. Tsumugi is a Japanese type of fabric that is originally handmade using Silk floss and is a very highly Read More