2016/04/11 – New Iaido Gi & Hakama Sets TSUMUGI series

We are happy to announce two new Iaido Gi and Hakama sets, the Tsumugi (AKATSUKI) and the Nami Tsumugi (AKEBONO), these two new sets are made using Tsumugi style polyester textile. Tsumugi is a Japanese type of fabric that is originally handmade using Silk floss and is a very highly regarded in terms of craftsmanship and quality both in Japan and internationally.

The new Tsumugi and Nami Tsumugi sets are made with polyester textile that has been woven in Tsumugi style, creating two fabrics with unique and subtle patterns woven into the fabric, giving these new Gi and Hakama a very unique look, compared to our regular polyester Gi and Hakama for Iaido. Thanks to being made in Polyester, not only are they low maintenance, but also very durable and light weight, making them very nice to wear during summer or in warmer environment. Because they are made in Tsumugi style, the fabric is also more matte, and less shiny compared to normal Polyester fabrics, giving them a very elegant and traditional look.

These new Tsumugi and Nami Tsumugi sets are sold both separately as Gi and Hakama respectively and also as slightly discounted Gi & Hakama set products. So feel free to check them out on our webpage today!