2016/04/08 – New options for Suzaku Iaito

Our Suzaku line of Iaito that are made in Kyoto, has been quite popular among our customers since we started making them roughly a year ago. With the increased amount of orders, our in-house craftsman has also had to level up his skills to cope with the orders and request from customers, which is good news for our customers!
So we are now happy to announce that we now also offer Ikkan Maki as a option for Tsuka wrapping on all Suzaku line Iaito, besides the Bonji Koshirae and the Hanaikada Koshirae, since their Menuki are not very suited from a practical stand point for the Ikkan Maki style of wrapping.
We also have a new unique option for the Tsukasame, which is the piece of stingray skin that is under the Tsuka wrapping. The new option is a Antique Finish on the Tsukasame, which gives the Tsuka-same a yellow/brown tint, making your Iaito look somewhat like an antiquity, which might be interesting for people aiming for such a design.

We will continue to evolve the Suzaku series and we already have some more improvements in line, and we hope that we will be able to share it with everyone soon!

UPDATE: 2016/04/15 – We will be holding a special offer for the Suzaku series of Iaito, with all Suzaku series Iaito getting 10% discount until the 9th of May!
So check it out!