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VIXIA: Taking Synthetic Kendo Uniforms One Step Further

VIXIA: Taking Synthetic Kendo Uniforms One Step Further

What comes to mind when you think about synthetic Kendo gi and hakama? They are fairly light, but the colours are dull, and they don’t look dignified. Even though they’re light, you still sweat a lot and the fabric sticks to your skin. They are supposed to be easy to Read More

Samue: Uniform for Samu

The Samue (作務衣) was originally a type of work clothes for Zen Buddhist priests in Japan and was something that they would wear when they were cleaning, cutting firewood, working the fields and do other daily tasks around the temple. Since it originally was a type of working garment, it Read More

Why do you not wear any underwear when doing Keiko in Kendo?

Among those junior high- and high school students who are about to start Kendo in Japan,  this remains one of the most common questions among them to this day. “Why do you not wear any underwear when doing Keiko in Kendo?” In schools and Dojo with a long history in Read More

2016/06/02 – New Premium line of Aikido Gi & Pants!

Tozando has always had a very strong line up of Aikido Uniforms and Hakama, although the last few years we have seen an increased demand and slower shipping times due to unfortunate accidents such as the “Fire accident” we had in our textile factory last year and other factors. We Read More

2016/04/11 – New Iaido Gi & Hakama Sets TSUMUGI series

We are happy to announce two new Iaido Gi and Hakama sets, the Tsumugi (AKATSUKI) and the Nami Tsumugi (AKEBONO), these two new sets are made using Tsumugi style polyester textile. Tsumugi is a Japanese type of fabric that is originally handmade using Silk floss and is a very highly Read More

2016/02/23 – Mitsuboshi Brand Judo & Karate Gi Sets!

We have now added two new Judo Gi sets and two new Karate Gi sets made by Mitsuboshi to our inventory! Mitsuboshi is well known for it’s high quality “FUJITAKA” model Judo Gi in Japan, and finally we are able to provide them to our overseas customers also! Mitsuboshi provides Read More