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Bundles of indigo dyed cotton yarns

Japanese Indigo Dye: Blue comes from indigo and is bluer than indigo

Are you avoiding Sho-aizome(genuine indigo dye) for fear of fading? The Ai (indigo) color is used not only in Kendo equipment but has been used throughout Japanese culture. Its deepness has naturally blended with the Japanese lifestyle. There is a saying; “Blue comes from Ai and is bluer than the Read More

About the attitude towards appearance in Iaido

In Budo, appearance and the way you dress is a very important element, and it’s often said that your appearance is a mirror of your mind. If your appearance is disorderly, it shows that your mind is disturbed. Always remaining well dressed and tidy, this is also something that requires Read More

Why do you not wear any underwear when doing Keiko in Kendo?

Among those junior high- and high school students who are about to start Kendo in Japan,  this remains one of the most common questions among them to this day. “Why do you not wear any underwear when doing Keiko in Kendo?” In schools and Dojo with a long history in Read More