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A lady Kenshi getting ready for Kendo

Advice for Passing the Kendo Examination

Kendo has grade examinations, and the first to take is the shodan examination. For those who begin kendo from junior high school, this shodan examination can become an early goal. Some people hear the word “shodan” (first grade) and think it can’t be too hard. But not everyone who takes Read More

The Path to Passing the Kendo Promotional Examination Part 3

Written by Hayashi Takahiro, Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan(Tozando) About the 2-dan examination This time, I’m going to talk a bit about the 2-dan examination. In addition to refining the basic movements, manners and etiquette required in the Shodan examination, you are also required to use Oji-waza (応じ技), in other words, reacting Read More

About the attitude towards appearance in Iaido

In Budo, appearance and the way you dress is a very important element, and it’s often said that your appearance is a mirror of your mind. If your appearance is disorderly, it shows that your mind is disturbed. Always remaining well dressed and tidy, this is also something that requires Read More

Aikido: Regarding the promotional examination

Written by Tatsunari Tachibana, Yoshinkan 4-dan(Tozando) What is Aikido? This is a question I have numerous times asked the people at the various Dojo where I have the honor to instruct, yet every time I asked this question, I’m met with silence. Although it might seem to be simple to Read More

The Path to Passing the Kendo Promotional Examination Part 2

Written by Hayashi Takahiro, Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan(Tozando) Important points to take note of when taking the promotional examination Last time we spoke about the Shodan promotional exam, so this time we will talk a bit more in detail about how to approach the promotional exam. For this post, I have Read More

Iaido: Towards passing the promotional examination

This time, I would like to talk about what I usually take extra care of while practicing Iaido up until now and while aiming for passing the promotional exam. To pass the promotional exam, besides putting in extra time for Keiko so that you can show the examiners your very Read More

2014/09/02 – Tozando – Fukuoka 7th Dan Exam Results

Maybe you read our last announcement about our colleague Donatella C. leaving Tozando out of personal reasons. In the same announcement we also said that she was taking the 7th Dan exam, which we on Monday got notified about that she unfortunately didn’t pass. Of course this is sad news Read More