2014/09/02 – Tozando – Fukuoka 7th Dan Exam Results

Maybe you read our last announcement about our colleague Donatella C. leaving Tozando out of personal reasons. In the same announcement we also said that she was taking the 7th Dan exam, which we on Monday got notified about that she unfortunately didn’t pass. Of course this is sad news for us, but we know that Donatella will be back and challenge the exam again soon!

In the mean time, unbeknownst to us in the International Sales department, it seems that our other colleague Takahiro Hayashi-sensei, well known as one of our 6-Dan Kendo practitioners and also the former Store manager of the former Kendo Budogu store (currently Kyoto Budogu), was taking the 7-dan exam in the same place and same time as Donatella!

So it turns out that Hayashi-sensei got got ahead of Donatella and passed his 7-dan exam, now making him a 7-dan Renshi! All of us at Tozando wish to congratulate him for passing his 7-dan exam!
Knowing how hard he also works for Tozando, it’s hard to imagine when he is actually getting time to practice, but since he was able to pass his exam, it shows that his skills are real.
We hope that this will motivate our other staff at Tozando that does Kendo to continue to practice and strive towards perfection in Kendo, and of course, it’s assuring to have some real Kendoka among our colleagues who know what they are doing. Tozando started with Kendo and with Kendo we will continue to advance!

Congratulations Hayashi-sensei, for passing the 7-dan exam!