2014/08/22 – Introducing New Tozando Shinai series!

Tozando has always offered a certain variety of Shinai, and we have changed the Shinai we have offered numerous times through out our history, although many of the times, the Shinai were not directly made by Tozando, but rather by other Japanese providers. Today we are very proud to say that for the first time, we will be able to introduce a full range of Tozando-made Shinai, which of course keeps the quality standards that we are known for.

With this update, we are also introducing some new types of Shinai that we didn’t use to offer before, such as the Oval Octagonal-grip type of Shinai. Of course our current and old Shinai will still be available to purchase as long as the stocks allows them to, but the plan is to gradually phase them out as the stocks run out. So if you like a certain type of Shinai and don’t want to try one of our new ones, you better hurry up and get some new Shinai as they might not be around for much longer. 

Also, this is good news for Dojo and Retailers, since until now, we were not able to offer much discounts for Shinai since we were reselling other provider’s products, however, now since all the new Shinai are made by Tozando, we are officially adding the Shinai to the Partnership programs, so from now on, you will be able to get really good discount also when buying Shinai from us as a Dojo or Retailer. (Please note that preparing this discount will take some time and is planned to be ready by the end of this month for all partners)