2014/07/31 – Tozando, for the future of Kendo in Japan

I if you didn’t see our recent posts on Facebook about our new collaboration with Hello Kitty & One Piece, we have managed to establish a collaboration with Sanrio and Toei Animation to make an array of Kendo related products, such as Shinai, Shinai bags, Bogu, Bogu Bags and tenugui among others with Hello Kitty & One Piece themes. 

Why are we doing all this? We are doing it for the future of Kendo! In recent years the Kendo population has seen a decline and children are more geared towards sports rather than Budo. In these times Tozando is working to bring the interest back to Kendo and hopefully allow the Kendo population recover to it’s former glory in Japan.

You want to know more about this? Check out the article written our President, Mr. Kimura where he explains the reasoning behind this special collaboration!