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3 things you want to know when buying your first Bogu

Three things you want to know when buying the first Bogu for your child

https://www.tozandoshop.com/Men-Nari-Compact-Suburi-Shinai-p/477-mennari[s].htmRecently I heard that there is quite a lot of nursery and kindergarten children that starts doing Kendo in Japan. Of course, there is also many elementary school students who does Kendo and are about to start wearing their first Bogu for Keiko. Naturally, this means that there are also Read More

For the children who carry the future of Kendo on their shoulders

At Tozando we love Kendo. Learning the way of the sword helps shaping your character by going through rigorous training. Even though practice can at times be strict, it is fun, and at the end of a hard practice you can feel the worth of the work you have laid Read More

2014/07/31 – Tozando, for the future of Kendo in Japan

I if you didn’t see our recent posts on Facebook about our new collaboration with Hello Kitty & One Piece, we have managed to establish a collaboration with Sanrio and Toei Animation to make an array of Kendo related products, such as Shinai, Shinai bags, Bogu, Bogu Bags and tenugui Read More