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Win And Tighten The Thongs Of One’s Helmet

There is a Japanese idiom that directly translates as “win and tighten the thongs of one’s helmet”. When you win a fight and take of your helmet in relief, an enemy might attack you unexpectedly. Even after you win, you should not let your guard down but apply extra caution. Read More

Japanese Samurai Armor 101

Japanese Armor, or katchū (甲冑; armor and helmet), can largely be categorized into two categories depending on in which period it was made: ō-yoroi (大鎧; great armor) and tōsei-gusoku (当世具足; modern armor) armors. The ō-yoroi first appears during the middle and late Heian period (794~1185), becoming more widespread during the Read More

3 things you want to know when buying your first Bogu

Three things you want to know when buying the first Bogu for your child

https://www.tozandoshop.com/Men-Nari-Compact-Suburi-Shinai-p/477-mennari[s].htmRecently I heard that there is quite a lot of nursery and kindergarten children that starts doing Kendo in Japan. Of course, there is also many elementary school students who does Kendo and are about to start wearing their first Bogu for Keiko. Naturally, this means that there are also Read More