2016/02/23 – Mitsuboshi Brand Judo & Karate Gi Sets!

We have now added two new Judo Gi sets and two new Karate Gi sets made by Mitsuboshi to our inventory!

Mitsuboshi is well known for it’s high quality “FUJITAKA” model Judo Gi in Japan, and finally we are able to provide them to our overseas customers also! Mitsuboshi provides high quality, made in Japan, Judo and Karate Gi’s some of them enjoying very high popularity domestically, even more so than popular international brands such as Mizuno or Shureido, although unfortunately, as they do not produce products that are approved by the international Judo or Karate organizations, they are not very well known overseas. But as high quality uniforms used for regular training and non-international competitions, these products are more than adequate!

So if this is what you are looking for, why not try out Mitsuboshi’s products, available now on Tozando!