2015/03/16 – Free Engraving on All Bokken/Jo/Bo/Shinai!

Starting today until the 25th of April we will be offering Free Name or Kamon laser Engraving for all Bokken/Jo/Bo/Shinai in our inventory!

With the tournament season coming up, a lot of Budo tournaments and competitions are being held now all over the world. But putting your precious Bokken or Shinai together with everyone else is not always a good idea as it’s easily mistaken and misplaced. So why not add a definite engraving on your weapon to make sure that no one will mistakenly take it from you? Right now all engravings are free, up to 10 characters, which is enough for most people! 

Please note though that you can’t get both a free Kamon engraving and a Free name engraving on the same item, but besides that, feel free to engrave whatever pleases you!
Also the Free Kamon engraving does not include original logo’s, if you wish to add a original kamon/logo to your bokken, we will require an extra fee of 1000JPY.