2015/03/06 – Successor of the bestseller, SHIN-MOKKEI!

The new and improved SHIN-MOKKEI model is finally made available to our international customers! The SHIN-MOKKEI Kote is the evolution of one of our best selling Kote, the MOKKEI Kote, which was worn by Kiwada Daiki when he won the 60th All Japan Kendo Championship.

The new SHIN-MOKKEI version, is now completely in Orizashi Cotton, making it lighter and softer than it’s predecessor. Thanks to the Orizashi Cotton, it also means that the Kote dries faster after practice, meaning that it’s a perfect Kote during regular practice or seminar sessions when you might have to use your Kote several days in a row!

The SHIN-MOKKEI model also features the O-JI Cut which has a larger angle for the wrist part of the Kote, this in combination with the soft cotton used for the wrists gives this Kote excellent flexibility in the wrists allowing for more advanced wrist movements while wearing your Kote.

Of course, the Kote is complete made in Japan, in our factory in Iwate!