2016/11/08 – Win a trip to Japan Winner Announcement!

It’s Autumn in Kyoto and the maple leaves have started to turn red, dyeing the mountains and temples in a crimson red colors. Although the real maple season will probably start from this weekend, many places around Kyoto have already started being flooded with people who wants to have a early peek on this years first Autumn maple leaves. 

Now it’s high time to announce the final winner of the ‘Win a trip to Japan – the Road to Butokuden’ campaign, we apologize for the late announcement, but due to some initial technical trouble with the first drawn contender, we had to delay the announcement slightly.

Now, who are the winner of the 9th edition of the ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ campaign on Tozando? We are happy to without further delay, announce that the winner is…….. Mr. Alain Nicolas Di Meo from France!

Many congratulations to you! You are the winner of the 9th ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ – the road to Butokuden edition campaign! We much look forward to welcome Mr. Alain to Kyoto on the around the 30th of November and will do our best to guide you around the sights around Kyoto!

We would also like to thank all of our nominees and participants this time around, thank you for always shopping with Tozando! Although we can’t invite all of you to Kyoto like the winners, we welcome you to visit Kyoto if you have a chance. We will gladly be there to welcome you in our stores in Kyoto or the showroom in Tokyo! This time, we have also decided to give all the nominees who unfortunately was not chosen this time 3000 reward points as small consolation and as a proof of our appreciation, so we will contact all the nominees over the next few days to give them these reward points.

Although the ‘Win a Trip to Japan’ is over for this time, we will hopefully be having the next ‘Win a trip to Japan’ soon, so try again, and maybe next time you will be the winner of the Tozando ‘Win a trip to Japan’ campaign!