2015/04/30 – 4th ‘Win a trip to Japan’ Nominee decided!

The weather in Kyoto has changed a lot the last two weeks, going from being rainy and still a bit chilly, to becoming very sunny and hot this week so far. We have had days with 28 degrees Celsius in Kyoto at the best so far, but on the news there has already been other places in Japan to pass 30°C, so without doubt, the season has now turned into early summer in Japan. The Sakura are all gone and the trees have turned brilliantly green in the last weeks, exhibiting the great nature of the mountains that surround the Kyoto city. 
Although the weather has become warmer, it’s still not at it’s peak, as summer in Japan easily reaches 35°C+! So actually, this is one of the more pleasant time to come and visit Kyoto, especially for those that come from Europe since the warm weather is rather comfortable compared to the colder climate in Europe at the moment and with the Golden Week Holidays coming up, there is things such as “Koi Nobori” and “Aoi Matsuri” that you can only experience in May.  Especially in Kyoto there is always something to be experienced or seen, so if you have the chance to come here, please stop by our Shops also to check out the best Budo equipment available!

Now, it’s high time to announce this weeks nominee! This week we would like to congratulate Kin-Shing Lau from Hong Kong, Congratulations! You are the 4th Nominee in the 8th “Win a Trip to Japan” campaign on Tozando! We wish you the best of luck for the final drawing in Mid-June!

You still don’t know what the fuzz is all about? Well, to put it shortly, Tozando is offering a chance to it’s customers to win a trip to Kyoto Japan, with lodging and transport included!
Don’t believe it? Well, all our winners say so! But many of our winners were kind enough to write us afterwards and allowing us to share their experiences on our webpage, so check it out!