2015/05/15 – Win a trip to Japan Nominees 5 and 6!

Kyoto is HOT! Maybe because of the recent typhoon that passed by and brought with it the humidity that Kyoto is so known for in Summer. But still the green colors of summer brings a refreshing change in the scenery in Japan, and the rainy season will bring along things such as the Hydrangea, which can be fully enjoyed in famous temples such as Sanzen-in or Mimurodo in Kyoto.

It’s also the season of Matsuri, or festivals in Japan and even today if you happened to be in Kyoto there was the annual Aoi Matsuri, where the Saiō-Dai (a woman of the imperial house) and the Imperial Messenger leads a parade with people dressed in traditional Japanese costumes from the Heian period, which eventually ends in the Kamigamo Shrine where the Saiō-Dai pays her respects to the deities and the Imperial Messenger intones the imperial prescript praising the deities and requesting their continued favor. It’s a very rare chance to take a glimpse of genuine Japanese culture and draws a lot of tourists every year. Luckily, although it was initially said that it would be raining, the rain actually came one day earlier, which in the end saved the event from being delayed to a later date.

Now, it has been some time since last time we announced any nominees due to the Golden Week holidays in Japan, and although we are still working on answering all your e-mails, it’s high time to announce the 5th and 6th Nominees! We would like to Congratulate Damon Schearer and Christopher So, you are both nominees of our ‘Win a trip to Japan 8‘ Campaign and we wish you both the best of luck for the upcoming drawing for the winners in mid-June! And with that, we are past the half way point of the ‘Win a trip to Japan 8‘ Campaign, it sure feels like it was yesterday that it started, but it has already been more than 6 weeks and soon we will invite the two winners for a trip to Kyoto.

You don’t know what this is all about? Check out our ‘Win a trip to Japan 8‘ campaign page, you won’t regret it!