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2016/11/08 – Win a trip to Japan Winner Announcement!

It’s Autumn in Kyoto and the maple leaves have started to turn red, dyeing the mountains and temples in a crimson red colors. Although the real maple season will probably start from this weekend, many places around Kyoto have already started being flooded with people who wants to have a early Read More

2016/09/16 – Win a Trip to Japan Nominees

It took a while due to many people being on vacation and didn’t reply to our e-mails, but we are finally up to speed as all Nominees until this week have been confirmed for the “Win a Trip to Japan” campaign on Tozando! Thus we would like to congratulate the Read More

2016/08/04 – First ‘Win a trip to Japan’ Nominee Confirmed!

We would like to congratulate Ms. Queennie Yau from Australia as she is the first confirmed Nominee for the 9th edition of our ‘Win a trip to Japan’ campaign here on Tozando! Unfortunately, we still have three unconfirmed nominees and while candidates have been contacted, we have yet to receive any Read More

2015/11/04 – Win a Trip to Japan 8 – 2nd Winner in Kyoto!

The second winner of Tozando’s 8th ‘Win a Trip to Japan’, Mr. Damon Schearer was visiting us in Japan, Kyoto from the 28th of October to the 4th of November 2015. Here you can see some pictures from his trip and see what he experienced during his ‘Win a trip Read More

Great trip to Kyoto in summer!

Written by Christian Domittner, DC (Austria), winner of the 8th Edition of Tozando’s “Win a Trip to Japan” Experience. First of all, thank you, Tozando! You were all great hosts and everyone made me feel very special. I was so very lucky to have been the chosen winner. It was Read More

2015/06/19 – Win a trip to Japan 8 – The last nominee has been decided!

It’s been a while since the last news post regarding Win a trip to Japan, to be honest, we had a very busy month with the World Kendo Championships in Tokyo at the end of May,and also the customers who came to Kyoto to stop by our stores after the Read More

2015/05/15 – Win a trip to Japan Nominees 5 and 6!

Kyoto is HOT! Maybe because of the recent typhoon that passed by and brought with it the humidity that Kyoto is so known for in Summer. But still the green colors of summer brings a refreshing change in the scenery in Japan, and the rainy season will bring along things Read More

My “Win A Trip To Japan” Experience

Written by Ismail Hasan (United Kingdom), winner of the 7th Edition of Tozando’s “Win a Trip to Japan” Experience.  “Dear Ismail, Congratulations, you have been chosen as the winner of the 7th edition of our “Win A Trip To Japan” contest!” It was very early in the morning and news Read More