2016/08/22 – Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Campaign!

We are proud to announce that our patent application for the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote has finally been accepted and verified! The Tornado-stitch method is now officially patented by Tozando Co.,Ltd., so be sure that you get the real thing from us, made in Japan, and not some cheap knock-off product!

So, to celebrate this joyous event, we have started a large Giveaway event for Tornado-stitch Kote for our International customers, a event that has already been started for Japanese customers, but from the second round, we will also accept international entries! 

To participate, please fill in the form on our campaign page after accepting the terms and conditions. The price is a pair of new Orizashi Tornado-stitch Kote, and to celebrate our new patent, we will choose 20 winners each month, a total of 100 winners over 5 months will be chosen!

So at the end of this campaign in January 2017, we will have one hundred lucky and new Tornado-stitch Kote owners!


The event schedule is as follows:

[1st Round]
Entry deadline: 2016/09/10  /  Winners announcement: 2016/09/25

[2nd Round]
Entry deadline: 2016/10/10 /  Winners announcement: 2016/10/25

[3rd Round]
Entry deadline: 2016/11/10  /  Winners announcement: 2016/11/25

[4th Round]
Entry deadline: 2016/12/10  /  Winners announcement: 2016/12/25

[5th Round]
Entry deadline: 2017/01/10  /  Winners announcement: 2017/01/25


Be sure to send us your entry to the event before each deadline, although you can participate once per round, you can only win once, so write down the deadlines in your calendar!

Please also visit our Facebook page and like/share the event post if you have a Facebook account, continue to share the joy!