2016/08/26 – Clearance Products in the Good Deals Corner!

We have added some a lot of new outlet products to the Good Deals corner, such as new Shinsakuto, Iaito and so on.

Among the new products we have also added a new clearance Kendo Bogu set, the Deluxe 5mm Clarino Machine-stitched Bogu set, which due to a model change, we will be selling with a 50% discount at 32,000JPY with free international shipping until the end of September! It’s a deal for a really nice quality Bogu for beginners and intermediate Kendoka, you simply can’t pass up!

Please note that since it’s a discontinued model, once the stocks run out, there will be no more, so do check it out if you are looking for a durable and affordable Bogu!


We will keep adding new products the coming few weeks so please look forwards to more great deals in the near-future!