2016/10/25 – Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway Round 2 Results!

It’s the 25th and it’s time to reveal the next 20 winners of the Tozando Tornado-stitch Kote Giveaway, so without further delay here are the 20 winners of Round 2!:

Yeung Chun-Yu Johnny, Hong Kong
Warren Ho, South Africa
Liao Yiqing, China
Milos Jovanovic, Serbia
Iida Ryouhei, Japan

Kukiyama Toshinobu, Japan
Hayakawa Yuichiro, Japan
Utagawa Takeshi, Japan
Naraki Hideaki, Japan
Monden Shigeo, Japan

Miura Kazunori, Japan
Hirai Setsurou, Japan
Mitsudome Nababu, Japan
Yasuniwa Takamitsu, Japan
Hayata Chihiro, Japan

Okazaki Noriyuki, Japan
Kuwahata Tajurou, Japan
Awazu Hiya, Japan
Naka Hisamitsu, Japan
Mochizuki Nobuhiro, Japan

Congratulations to all of you! We will prepare the Kote and send them to you as soon as possible!

The 3rd round has already started and we have already received many entries for the third round also, We still have 3 rounds left to go, so there are plenty of chances, so go and register for the 3rd round now!

As usual, spread the joy and let’s hope there are more international Kendoka drawn in the next round, so keep trying and good luck to all of you!