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“Beauty buried within. Everybody loves Mokkei.” The Untold Story of Bogu Development

– “The kote All-Japan Competitors Love! Mokkei” The “Mokkei” brand has become so well known, that people go to great ends to seek it out. The Konyakko style of Kote was on the brink of being discontinued, but is booming now after regaining the trust of many Kenshi through the Read More

2015/04/03 – Try SHIN-MOKKEI, now 25% discount!

After announcing the SHIN-MOKKEI Kote a few weeks ago, it has been a great success, so we have decided that since we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, we will for a limited time, offer a 25% discount for the SHIN-MOKKEI Kote to allow as many people as possible Read More

2015/03/06 – Successor of the bestseller, SHIN-MOKKEI!

The new and improved SHIN-MOKKEI model is finally made available to our international customers! The SHIN-MOKKEI Kote is the evolution of one of our best selling Kote, the MOKKEI Kote, which was worn by Kiwada Daiki when he won the 60th All Japan Kendo Championship. The new SHIN-MOKKEI version, is Read More