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2016/09/23 – NEW Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito!

Today we at Tozando are very proud to be able to present you with the New Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito! As you might know our Kyoto Iaito Workshop has been experimenting with a lot of new Iaito designs lately, which we also posted pictures of on Facebook before, now, all Read More

2016/02/25 – NEW Tsuba models for the Custom-made Iaito!

We have just added a few new Tsuba models to the Tozando Custom-made Iaito! Among the new Tsuba models, there is 4 models that are particularly interesting, this is since they are “Hamidashi Tsuba“, this is a type of Tsuba that are sometimes traditionally used for Wakizashi or Tanto, which Read More

2016/02/05 – New Tozando Custom-made Do Available!

We have seen a increase in requests for custom-made Do’s recently so we have just added a new custom-made Do product to our homepage.It doesn’t matter if you just want a new Do to refresh the look of your Bogu set or if you have always had problems with the Read More