Day: June 22, 2017

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 3: How to preserve your sword

The most important aspects of preserving Japanese swords are to protect them from developing rust and scratches. Here are three simple precautions that you can take to make sure that long term storage does not damage your treasured shinken.  Please note that these guidelines are for ferrous swords, not for Read More

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 2: How to maintain your sword

How often your perform maintenance depends on what sort of blade you have and what you use it for.  If you have an iaito from Japan that is made from Zinc/Alluminium you do not need to use uchiko powder because it will not rust.  If you use it for iaido then you should oil it as and when is needed.  However if it is for decoration only then once every two months should be fine.