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Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 2: How to maintain your sword

To summarize, when maintaining a sword, the main purpose to prevent the blade from oxidizing and rusting. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly remove any stale oil from the blade and replace it entirely with new oil, making sure that the whole blade is covered and not leaving any spots Read More

image of drawing the sword

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 1: How to draw the sword and sheath your sword

It goes without saying, that Japanese swords are precious cultural treasures, but if it is handled roughly it might be damaged or might cause injury to yourself or someone else. If that happens, the value of such a precious treasure might be lost and as Japanese, we won’t be able Read More

Japanese Swords: How to tell if a Tsuka is good or bad

From shinken to iaito and decorative wall-hangers, there are numerous types of Japanese swords available for purchase today, however today we will have a look at the only part that you touch on a katana: the tsuka. We will also go over some simple ways to distinguish a good tsuka Read More

Japanese Iaito Sword Buying Guide: How to choose your right Iaito

This time, we will explain what you should think about when you buy your first Iaito, please refer to the point below. Before buying the Iaito Please begin with consulting the Sensei and Senpai of the Dojo where you are learning Iaido. Depending on the style or Dojo you are practicing Read More