Do you have any 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu?

Although we do not offer any 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu at the moment, it’s possible to order this as a Custom-made Bogu.

However, as a Bogu maker, we can not recommend the usage of 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu as the tight stitching makes the Bogu really stiff and leaves no room for protective padding.
This makes a really uncomfortable Bogu with little to no protection, for this reason we can not recommend using 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu.

Although the current trend among certain Bogu suppliers seems to be to market their Bogu by providing a Bogu with tighter stitching, to stand out from the competition. However, a responsible Bogu maker with pride in our work, we are not only concerned about our customer’s satisfaction but also their safety. This is why we do not sell 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu, instead, we recommend our customers to buy the ‘Deluxe 3mm machine-stitched Bogu’ instead.