Day: April 3, 2013

Why is the status of my order “processing”

The “processing” status could mean a lot of different things, for example, it could mean that we are processing or have processed your order and it’s under production or that we are preparing your order for shipping. It could also mean that some of the products in your order is Read More

Do you have any 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu?

Although we do not offer any 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu at the moment, it’s possible to order this as a Custom-made Bogu. However, as a Bogu maker, we can not recommend the usage of 2mm Machine-stitched Bogu as the tight stitching makes the Bogu really stiff and leaves no room for protective Read More

What is the difference between a standard and a deluxe bokken?

Basically, the difference between a standard and a deluxe white oak Bokken is the quality of the wood used to make it.The deluxe one is made of wood from the core part of a tree while a standard type is made using other parts of a tree. It will of Read More