2015/01/23 – FREE anniversary Tenugui for all orders over 25,000JPY

I’m sure no one have missed that this year marks the 25th anniversary for Tozando and that we are doing a lot of things to celebrate it here at Tozando. Well, we just finished a commemorative Tozando 25th Anniversary Tenugui that we are now selling on our website for those that would like to get one, but we are also giving them out for free to any customer who makes an order for more than 25,000JPY since a few days back! Even if you are not doing Kendo, we hope that you find this modest gift from us useful. 

The Tenugui itself is Navy in color with white text and features calligraphy and the signature of our President, Mr. Kimura Takahiko.
The calligraphy reads “Kansha” and means “Appreciation”, as Tozando is very thankful for the 25 years that all of our customers have been supporting Tozando.
We pledge to keep our high quality of service and products while continuing our mission of expanding and promoting Budo all of the world.