2016/04/19 – Mizuno 2016 model product catalog updated!

Mizuno are famous for their high quality Judo products and here at Tozando we have always offered an easy way to get their high quality products from overseas.
We have now added and updated all products according to Mizuno’s 2016 models, with for example the latest “YUSHO” models that are the official model used by all Japanese representatives during Olympic games and other international competitions around the world. Of course we have also updated the IJF approved equipment so that they now correspond to the 2016 models that are made according to the new 2016 requirements and standards of IJF, so that you can be sure that your Gi is in the clear when you compete internationally!
We have also added two of the Karate Gi models that Mizuno makes to our product list, so if you are doing Karate, you might be interested in taking a look at that also.

Go check them out now!