2016/12/07 – High precision Kamon Prints

Until now many other Budo manufacturers offered Kamon embroidery for many of the customers that where interested, but with embroidery the embroidered area becomes bumpy and might not always feel so nice to wear when used on for example a Gi or Hakama.

Today Tozando is proud to be able to offer this new Kamon printing service on items such as Gi, Hakama and also on bags used protect your beloved weapons! Thanks to the Kamon being printed onto the fabric, it feels very smooth to touch and the fabric thickness is almost indistinguishable with out without the print. The print can be printed in multiple colors and is also very durable, and won’t come off easily even if washed. We have a large selection of Kamon embroidery patterns for you to choose from, or you can also send us your own design and there is a good chance that we will be able to print it for you for an extra fee!

Make it different, because different is good!

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