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New Shinai Preview – Katana Grip

A brand new style of shinai handle on the horizon! Inspired by the katana, that the shinai originally represents, it features an asymmetric design that gives you great awareness of the position of your shinai as well providing an extremely comfortable foundation for your kamae (posture). As part of the Read More

What is Keichiku?

The Keichiku bamboo species is mainly grown in Taiwan. Today, most of the standard Shinai on market is made of Keichiku, reflecting the fact that, due to the shortage of Madake and the work that’s needed to make traditional Shinai, most of the Shinai production has moved to Taiwan and Read More

What is Madake?

‘Madake’ is also called Giant Timber Bamboo or Japanese Timber Bamboo, is a bamboo species in the genus Phyllostachys. This species is native to Japan and is often used for many different types Japanese traditional craftsmanship.  This is the traditional bamboo used for making Shinai in Japan. Due to the Bamboo plant Read More