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Kendo Suburi at Kyoto Butokuden

Suburi – Mastering the Air Stroke

Air strokes have “one act”, “two act”, and “three act” versions using the wooden sword as well as a method using the shinai called “kiri-kaeshi” where you wear the mask and do it with an opponent. This article will focus on the “three act” version and list some things that Read More

2016/09/09 – Introducing the “Men-nari”

The Men-Nari, is a training tool shaped like a short Shinai that will allow you to do Suburi practice where ever you go. The product was produced by Hiromitsu Yoshida Sensei, a kyōshi 8-dan Kendoka. As a teacher for Children in Japan, Yoshida Sensei made the Men-nari to have a Read More

What is Asian Ebony?

The Asian Ebony grows in South Eastern parts of Asia and can mostly be found in Indonesia.  The beautiful characteristic grain of the wood, the smooth body and beautiful natural color brought forth without using any artificial coloring, could be said to be a piece of art in itself.  The Asian Ebony Read More