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Kendo Training Visit

After I started working at Tozando, there were many times I was found myself thinking I would like to learn more about Kendo. Not only learning for the sake of the work, but also be able to observe; what does Kendo have that attracts people?  What kind of people do Read More

Kendo Kakari Keiko image

Moving Beyond Beginner Level – Aiming to improve through Kakari Keiko 2

Noting the points raised in the last blog post, in this second edition I will go over how to improve through kakari keiko and write it down with a real match in mind and how each move occurs in order. I encourage you to read it while picturing your own Read More

Kendo Kakari Keiko scene

Moving Beyond Beginner Level – Aiming to improve through Kakari Keiko

One type of training that all kenshi go through is kakari training. This is a toughest training, and many players feel like “I don’t want to do this”. But there is a reason why everyone goes through such tiring practice sessions. If you engage with kakari practice diligently, you will Read More

Ladder Training

Some Different Kinds of Kendo Practice

Kendo includes many different kinds of practices, and there are some really odd ones too. Some of them are done without any protective gear on. There are different kinds of gear-less practices, and one I’d like to recommend is footwork practice. Many people will be imaging holding a shinai normally Read More

A very nice end of the year 2017

One day before the Swiss Kendo Championship, I received the email from Tozando that I have won the Trip to Japan. I couldn’t believe it and needed a weekend to realise what happened and that I should give my conformation for the trip. During the whole Kendo weekend, I thought Read More

Perhaps, we need to introduce more scientifically based training for Kendo?

The other day, I happened upon a news article about the major league pitcher Yu Darvish, in which he gave some guidance about the future of the Japanese baseball community. To make a long story short, the conclusion that he made was that “Going through harsh training and make effort Read More