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2017/02/17 – Aikido Hakama Top 3 All-Time Bestsellers – 10% OFF!

This year our longtime bestseller, the Tozando Deluxe Polyester Aikido Hakama “UME” celebrates it’s 20th anniversary! To think it has already been 20 years since we launched this Hakama here at Tozando, and ever since then, it has been out… Continue Reading →

2017/02/17 – New Kimono Sleeves ‘AKATSUKI’ & ‘AKEBONO’ Iaido Gi & Striped Hakama Sets!

We have just added some new products, Kimono sleeves versions of our very popular ‘AKATSUKI’ and ‘AKEBONO’ Iaido Gi’s, which are perfect for high ranked Iaido practitioners or instructors for regular or demonstration use. We have also made Gi &… Continue Reading →

2017/02/14 – Otoshidama Lucky Lottery Winners Announcement!

Sorry to keep you waiting, we just announced the winning numbers of the Tozando Otoshidama Lucky Lottery Campaign that we held from the end of December to the end of January. The winning numbers are:   1st prize numbers: 763… Continue Reading →

2017/02/15 – NEW Fast Shipping ‘TENRYU’ Iaito

We have just added a Fast Shipping version of the popular Tenryu Iaito, similarly to the Fast Shipping Toryumon Iaito, we keep this Iaito in stock and it is able to ship within 3 business days as long as we… Continue Reading →

2017/02/08 – New Tokuren Z Silver and ZX Gold Bogu sets available for pre-order!

We have just started pre-orders for two new Tokuren series Bogu, or rather two -Men, Kote,Tare- Bogu sets, the Tokuren ZX Gold and Z Silver! So what’s new? Both these Bogu are made for competition and Shiai, meaning they are… Continue Reading →

2017/01/30 – Tozando Outlet Month starts today!

We are holding a OUTLET month in February, and we will upload at least one new product for the Good Deals Corner every day during February, so keep checking back for new stuff everyday! Doing a small head-start, we have… Continue Reading →

2017/01/24 – Tornado-stitch Giveaway campaign, last round announcement!

It’s time for the last announcement! It has been a long 5 months, but it’s finally time for the grand finale of the Commemorative Tozando Tornado-stitch Giveaway Campaign! Check out the list below for the final 20 winners, Congratulations to… Continue Reading →

2017/01/24 – New Kendo Movie “武曲 MUKOKU”

Check out this upcoming Japanese Kendo-themed movie “武曲 MUKOKU” starring popular actor 綾野 剛 (Ayano Gō). It will premiere in Japanese theaters in June 2017 and it looks like it will be a great movie for people doing Kendo! International… Continue Reading →

2017/01/20 – Tozando Inside News episode 6 is now available!

2017/01/19 – Best selling 3 piece Kendo Bogu set!

By popular demand we are now selling the currently No.1 selling Men and Kote, the A-1 Alpha Men and MICHI model Kote, together with a TOKUREN Tare (worth ¥14,900 or ~$130) as a 3 piece set for ¥40,000(~$348)! That’s almost… Continue Reading →

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