Day: June 22, 2015

2015/06/22 – New Tozando Group webshop for Nishijin Brocade goods!

the Tozando Headquarters, as we are sure everyone knows by now, are based in the Nishijin-area in Kyoto. An area that is known for it’s beautiful traditional Nishijin Brocade fabrics, and here at Tozando we have long been using these Nishijin Brocade fabrics to create our Nishijin Brocade custom-made Bogu Read More

2015/06/22 – New Suzaku Series Iaito, Muradori Koshirae!

A flock of birds (muradori) flying away from their nest together in the morning is a symbol of a new start. As evidenced by the sentence “muratori no muradachi inaba (when a flock of birds flies away together)” in the Man’Yoshu?, the term “muradori” is used as makura-kotoba for words Read More