2015/06/22 – New Tozando Group webshop for Nishijin Brocade goods!

the Tozando Headquarters, as we are sure everyone knows by now, are based in the Nishijin-area in Kyoto. An area that is known for it’s beautiful traditional Nishijin Brocade fabrics, and here at Tozando we have long been using these Nishijin Brocade fabrics to create our Nishijin Brocade custom-made Bogu Bags, Shinai Bags and Sword Bags.

After a lot of requests from our customers, we have now opened a new webshop named “Wafu Living“, a name some of our oldest customers might recognize as we used to have a physical store with the same name selling all sorts of Japanese goods. This time we have revived Wafu Living as a webshop specializing in Nishijin Brocade fabrics and the application of it, for example for fashion bags, neckties, table-liners, and more! Of course, we also offer a variety of Nishijin Brocade fabrics in 10 meter rolls for those who enjoy crafting goods on their own. If making things on your own isn’t really your thing, don’t worry as our craftsmen’s got you covered, as we also offer a custom service, we our experienced Craftsmen will put your idea into application. In addition to this we also offer a genuine line of Kyoto Yuzen dyed T-shirts and other Japanese style clothing. So for all of those of you who had an interested in our Nishijin Brocades before, now is your chance to have a better look at what we can offer to you, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us so that we can help you out!