2015/06/23 – Stock status of Yomogi & Hourai Model Aikido Gi’s

Unfortunately, we have to announce that due to a fire in one of our textile factories, we are currently unable to deliver new stock of the Yomogi & Hourai Model Aikido Gi and Pants. As far as we know at the moment, no workers were hurt in the accident, although the factory itself got damaged and in particular the fabric used for the Yomogi and Hourai Model‘s were damaged in the fire, causing the shortage in stock at the moment.

We are doing our best to reorganize and restart the production again, but we probably won’t get any new stock until the end of July. We would like to extend our sincere apologies to all concerned customers, we will do our best to ship any orders with the remaining stock as soon as possible, but once the remaining stock runs out, we are afraid that there is nothing much we will be able to do until the restock at the end of July.

We thank you for always supporting Tozando and for your understanding regarding this issue.