2015/11/10 – Tozando Promotional Video is released!

We are proud to announce that we have released a promotional video for Tozando today!

The reason for making this promotional video, is not only to promote Tozando, but also to show the world the beauty and culture of Japan and Kyoto. We also wanted to show you customers a glimpse the people behind Tozando as this PV features Mariko Kimura the daughter of Takahiko Kimura, the current president of Tozando, but also Takahiro Hayashi-Sensei, our in-house 7-dan Kendo Renshi, among with our Master Bogu Craftsman and 5-dan Kendo pracitioner Takumi Nakata and lastly Takashi Fujiwara being a 6-dan Iaido practitioner! So as you can see, Tozando is composed of various highly experienced individuals in the arts of Budo!

We are also proud to announce that a shortened 15 seconds version will be displayed on a large touch panel display inside the Kyoto Station starting the end of November!
So if you happen to be in Kyoto, later this year, be sure to look for it in the Kyoto station!

For those of you that don’t have the luck to be able to come to Kyoto due to various reasons, we have posted the full 3 minutes version for you to enjoy on Youtube, so check it out!