Day: February 14, 2017

2017/02/08 – New Tokuren Z Silver and ZX Gold Bogu sets available for pre-order!

We have just started pre-orders for two new Tokuren series Bogu, or rather two -Men, Kote,Tare- Bogu sets, the Tokuren ZX Gold and Z Silver! So what’s new? Both these Bogu are made for competition and Shiai, meaning they are made to be very light and easy to move in, Read More

2017/01/24 – New Kendo Movie “武曲 MUKOKU”

Check out this upcoming Japanese Kendo-themed movie “武曲 MUKOKU” starring popular actor 綾野 剛 (Ayano Gō). It will premiere in Japanese theaters in June 2017 and it looks like it will be a great movie for people doing Kendo! International release is still not announced, but hopefully it will be Read More

2017/01/19 – Best selling 3 piece Kendo Bogu set!

By popular demand we are now selling the currently No.1 selling Men and Kote, the A-1 Alpha Men and MICHI model Kote, together with a TOKUREN Tare (worth ¥14,900 or ~$130) as a 3 piece set for ¥40,000(~$348)! That’s almost 50% OFF for a Men, Kote & Tare set with Read More

2017/01/13 – The best selling Kote and Men in Japan!

THE NO.1 SELLING MEN & KOTE IN JAPAN! This is the most popular Men and Kote set sold on Tozando at the moment, with over 1000+ pieces combined sold only in Japan since it’s launch in a few weeks ago. This without doubt the best selling MEN and KOTE in Read More

2017/01/10 – A-1 Alpha Kendo Men now available on Tozando!

The A-1 Alpha Men, the result of a collaboration between Tozando and Kanagawa Hakkodo is now available on our website! Until the 31st of May 2017, we have a special offer on this Men, with over 40% OFF from the retail price, at ¥35,000, for the campaign duration it is Read More

2016/12/28 – Tozando Striped Iaido Hakama Available now!

We are glad to be able to introduce you to our latest product, the Tozando Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama! Up until now, striped Hakama was something we had to buy from other suppliers, which many times in long waiting times and sometimes poor quality, but those times are no more Read More